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You'll find random games I play and other stuff I like posted here :) Other than that I have no clue yet.
my avatar boredom

my avatar boredom

Arcade Gacha

Anyone looking for these from past arcade events? I forgot all about them untill adding new arcade stuff to my folder lol.

B.C.C I love toast backpacks - Delicious toast Rare
[AUX] Gacha_Purrrfect Headband - Unicorn Rare
Tee*fy Leather-Made Goat Head Backpack Fiesta Rare
Tee*fy Feather Headdress Rare

Dante’s Inferno is a social sim based on a post-apocalyptic Alaskan tundra, the entire expanse of the sim is blended into the same visual flavor very carefully. At the centerpiece of the sim is the infamous Dante’s Inferno Room- an entirely custom mesh replica of the whorehouse featured in Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice with it’s own zest and custom eye candy.

This is a pretty awesome sim, that a friend built recently. You can rent cabins and trailers, watch movies in the drive in and even blow up the Hollywood sign. Nightly events and fun people are a plenty.

Sorry for posting all my animal crossing new leaf on my SL blog, I’ll probably end up making another page just for new leaf stuff.

I really dislike club tortimer sometimes >_< Doing the labyrinth mini game with some rando and she needs her 3 fruits and I need mine.. peach, cherry and pear. AT THE VERY LAST SECOND she drops the last cherry I’ve been searching all over for and I am not able to make it back to the center. SERIOUSLY? Stop >_> Just stop.

Happy spending time with my better half

Happy spending time with my better half

Is anyone’s retail buying perfect apples today? I have a bunch that I need to sell.

Zucker is in my campsite and i have 10 villagers already :( Ahh he’s such a cutie